i claim responsibility
for calling mental ability a skill
to kill feelings building deep within me
will power defends confidence in cowards,
like a chain link fence that can be seen through
but still keeps constant distence
between me and other people
like it was meant and built to do
i don't rent sentences i invent
and arrange letters to express
the sentiments inside my head
better letting every letter
scatter a page poetically
than letting it get to me
digging deep and nesting heavy
in the center of my chest resting steady
possessing every reaction to
change my face and attitude
disgraced and shamed,
reflections and keep stressing
regretting every action flashing back
like hitting back to the last chapters of a movie
i write for peace of mind
to release a piece of mine
for people with no median to feel and cry
as i do with other artists too
no matter how hard it is to continue
there's really no use looking for an excuse
it's up to you to deal with it
and find a way to relieve the load a bit
every person's shoulders are hurting more
because the world's just getting worse
so whether you never appreciate
some decent masterpieces to ease your senses
or alleviate some needless hate through art,
or not
just don't bring more shit up to my table
i'm incapable of being able to handle
more bull shit so you better learn
to deal with it all by yourself