Mirai Mikomi

Chapter 1

By Night

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Sensei - teacher

Hai – yes

Yuumei – told in story

Summary: Her mother an angel, her father a fox demon- Yuumei didn't lead your normal everyday life. Her goal was to kill herself. To put herself out of the misery of what happened when the sun set and the moon rose. But she had a greater purpose no one would expect…


"I'm not going." Yuumei declared.

"You're going!" Her father snarled.

"You can't make me!" she fought back.

"Oh yes I can…" her father's temper was rising.

"Hush now!" Yuumei's mother barged in. "You WILL go to school. That's final!"

Yuumei couldn't with stand her mother's power. She was a strong, will-powered woman. Nothing would stand in her way, well except maybe her husband.

Yuumei on the other hand was the not the normal, ordinary everyday girl. Her father being a demon and mother an angel, made her quite interesting. Yuumei was the kind of girl no one would want to befriend. Befriending her was a hard as trying to chew a rock. AN: don't ask about the rock She couldn't go out at night… She was just too…weird.

Yuumei stuck on her school uniform, grumbling to herself. She tried to brush her mangled black hair but it was no use. The knots were unbearable. Her mother was to thank. She grabbed her books and glumly walked out to the bus. She stood there, slumped over a bit.

She waited patiently observing her fellow bus stop peers. Every action, conversation, expression went into her memory and was processed. She had to find their weaknesses for further use.

"Oi! Who are you?" a girl walked up to her.

"I'm new here." Yuumei put on a cheesy smile. She was always really nice to other people. It was in her blood.

"That's cool. Where do you live?" she asked.

"Oh, I live in the neighborhood over there." Yuumei pointed to the direction she lived.

"Well, welcome then!" the girl smiled and went over to meet up with a friend. Yuumei stood there. At least that went well. Her hand wandered to her necklace. Her index finger ran over the white stone's smooth surface. She tucked it under her shirt for safe keeping and looked down the road. The bus was chugging up the road. It stopped and opened its doors. Everyone gathered into a line and entered the bus. Yuumei found herself at the end of the line.

She stepped up the steps and felt many eyes star up at her as she entered the bus. She kept her eyes low and found an empty seat. She swung her backpack into it and plopped down on the seat. She sat there, listening in on other people's conversations. She heard a lot of, "Who is she?" and "What did I forget?!?". She did this mostly on and waited for the bus to make it to the school.


Yuumei found her way to her first period. Many people looked at her as she entered the room. She approached the nearby sensei.

"Excuse me!" she caught the teacher's attention.

"Ah. And who are you?" he asked.

"I'm a new student." Yuumei proclaimed.

"So, you must be Yuumei I suppose." He answered.

"Hai." She smiled.

"Well then, you may take a seat in the empty seat over there." He pointed to the one empty seat in the back of the room. She bowed a bit and went to take a seat. She quickly took out the books and things provided by the school and was ready to take notes.


The rest of Yuumei's day went like this. She was the 'new student'. She hated it but she seemed to move just about every year. She had gotten very use to it.

A few people greeted her at lunch. She smiled and had polite conversations about herself and themselves. She was sure not to reveal her secret. She was forbidden to tell anyone of her true form. The necklace made her look normal when worn. She could tell that they weren't interested in her after they had met her. No one was… She ate her lunch, lonely.


The end of the day came fast. She ventured out to find her bus in the mass of people. She hopped on her number and found an empty seat. She sat down once more and looked out the window. She often looked out the window and watched the flying scenery go by.

She felt her seat move. She looked beside her. A brown haired boy had sat next her and chatted with his friends. She pulled her backpack closer to her thigh to give him more room. She continued to peer out the window. Then, she over heard someone near by say her name. Her head snapped in that direction. Another boy, talking to one that sat next to her, had told him her name. She quickly looked back out the window. She predicted what was about to happen.

"Hello. Are you Yuumei??" the boy smoothly asked.

She turned to face him with a bored expression. She could handle a stupid show off boy. "What's it to you?" she coolly replied.

"Whoa. Just asking your name." he backed off a bit.

She realized what he wanted but couldn't put off her expression. "Ya, I'm her."

"Ok. So you're new here?" he continued. Many of his friends were watching intently on the conversation.

"Ya." She continued her mostly one word answers.

"Oh." He hesitated. "Yuumei. That's an odd name. What does that mean?"

Yuumei was a bit annoyed about what he was doing but could only go with the flow. The bus came to a rearing halt. She looked out the window to see where she was. She wanted to get off at the stop.

"Excuse me. But, this is my stop." She got up. He didn't budge.

"You must tell me what your name means first." He forced her.

"Fine. My name means light and dark. Can I go now?" she pushed her way over him.

He watched as she left the bus. Light and Dark. What a weird name…he thought.

Yuumei got off the bus and had no clue where she was. She watched as the bus left. She felt like running back to it but she couldn't. She would have to roam the streets and find her way back herself…


Yuumei had taken turn after turn and street after street but couldn't find anything familiar. The sun was setting and it was setting fast. She had to find shelter soon. She couldn't be seen. She felt sweat drip down her head and hands get clammy. This wasn't supposed to be happening. Why the hell did she get off that bus?!?!?!

The sun was setting more and more. She searched and searched. Her pace quickened. She couldn't let anyone she her. She turned into a dark alleyway and waited for the sun to go down fully.

She felt ears spring up from her head as the darkness grew. Her hair changed to a brilliant shade of reddish-brown. Her eyes had morphed to a red color. She felt a staff materialize in her hand. She grasped it. She emerged from the dark alley into the street, ears low. She looked from side to side. No one in site.

"Yuumei-san?? Is that you?" she heard a voice from behind. She spun around. The brown haired boy was standing a few yards away. He must have turned the corner. Damn it! She thought.

She did the most spontaneous thing she could do. She spun back to the other direction and ran. No one was supposed to see her…


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