Mirai Mikomi
Chapter 10

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Yuumei felt herself being hauled up from the ground. She tried to lift her eyelids but they felt like lead. Her throat was dry; a dreadful throbbing filled her thoughts. Her wrist, still trickling fresh blood, stung like hell in the pounding rain. All she could do was lay limp against this strange body and let the downpour soak her.

Slowly but steadily, she felt the unknown body start to jog down the sidewalk. The warmth of this person was inviting. She had never been held in someone's arms. She longed to curl up close to them, and stay with them forever. For a quick second, she smelled a whiff of a sweet aroma. Something she couldn't quite place, but, nonetheless, a distinctive smell. Taking one last breath of the enchanting fragrance, Yuumei drifted from consciousness. The last thing she felt was a gentle kiss from the stranger, her savior.


The next afternoon, Yuumei woke up with a massive headache. She opened her eyes and quickly shut them for the sun was shining in her sensitive eyes. She felt her fingers and legs move with joy. She was alive. It was hard to believe. She thought she was a goner. Bits and pieces of what happened the night before flickered in her mind. Three things she did remember clearly were the mysterious person, the sweet smell, and the kiss.

After laying there for a minute, she tried to sit up. She grabbed her wrist and fell back in pain. It felt like hot white knives piercing her arm. She let out a hoarse moan. She heard a rustle outside her door and someone fumbling with the door.

"Yuumei?!" her mother rushed in. "Your awake! Thank goodness."

"Yea." Yuumei croaked. Her throat was dry and sore.

"Here, drink this…" her mother lifted a glass of purple, smoking liquid to her lips. A repulsive smell bombarded her nose but Yuumei chugged it down anyway. "It should help the pain." Her mother reassured her. Her arm had gone numb with pain. After a few seconds, she felt a warm tingling sensation run up her arm. The pain eased away. She wriggled her wrist around and found the pain did not return.

"Better?" her mother asked. "You gave us quite the scare last night. A young boy brought you home. He ran off after he set you down. At least you're safe." Her mother sighed and stared out the window.

"Yea…I don't know what came over me." Yuumei drifted off into thought.

The two of them just sat there, staring out at the sunshine. Her mother broke the silence. "Well, you'll be staying home for a few days. I called your school. Someone offered to bring your homework over." Her mother got stern, "Now, no going out of this room until your certain you have 99 of your health back. I'll bring some food up later. Now just get some rest." On that note, her mother got up from Yuumei's bed and left the room. Yuumei watched her mother depart and began to think about what had happened.

Why did I run off like that? Who was that person? Thoughts swirled around Yuumei's head until it started to throb. She felt exhausted still and closed her eyes. She instantly fell asleep…

Yuumei found herself out of breath, running. She looked up to see a enormous willow tree as she slowed down. She couldn't seem to control her body. It was like she was watching somebody else move from inside her body. She gave up trying as she jerked her head back as if someone was following her. She dodged behind the tree and tugged on a necklace around her neck. She turned over the strange medallion to find an inscription on the back of it. The writing was something she could not recognize. She ran her finger over the series of symbols and markings and muttered something she couldn't understand. A portal of light appeared in front of her.

Yuumei jolted awake breathing in short gasps. Cold sweat seemed to cover every inch of her body. She sat up and rubbed her head. Unaware she had yelped in her sleep, her mother came barging in.

"Yuumei?!" her mother rushed to her side.

"Yea?" Yuumei answered. She

"Are you ok?" her mother reached out to feel her forehead.

"It's ok, Mom. I'm fine." Yuumei slapped her mother's hand away. She cringed from the renewed pain in her wrist.

"Are you sure you're ok?" her mother inquired.

"I'm fine! I just had a bad dream." She began to get out of bed.

"Oh no you don't! You stay right there." Her mother forced her back in bed. Her worried mother sighed. "Well, if you insist your ok, I'll leave. Get some more rest. Maybe you can come down for breakfast in the morning." She stroked Yuumei's fox ear. The ear involuntarily twitched.

Yuumei's mother silently left the room. Yuumei lay there, too scared to fall back asleep. The dream was very strange. A muffle of voices broke her concentration. Carefully, she snuck out of bed to hear who it was. As she approached the door, she heard the voices much clearer. It was her mother.

"She's started to have nightmares. Should we tell her or let her figure it out? I wish she didn't have to do this!" Her mother's sobs were dampened by what Yuumei thought would be her father.

"I know, I know. She means the world to both of us, but we have to let her figure it out for herself or the prophecy won't be fulfilled." Yuumei heard her father embrace her mother. Yuumei was completely perplexed. What prophecy? What do I have to figure out? The voices continued; from her mother again.

"Just let her sleep now. We will begin in the morning. She should be well rested by then." Her father made a small grunt and they departed. Yuumei snuck back into bed; completely bewildered. She couldn't understand what was happening all of a sudden. She had lived as normal a life as she could. Why was everything changing now? She fell asleep thinking about everything that had happened in the past few days. Her life seemed as if it were breaking apart.


Yuumei woke up the next morning feeling a little bit better. Her arm was aching slightly, but she paid no attention to it. She threw the covers off and stood up for the first time in a while. She sleepily tried to get some of the knots out of her hair and mat it down; not much luck came in her effort. She didn't bother getting dressed but headed downstairs, cautiously that is. She found a big welcoming down in the kitchen.

"Oh, Yuumei! You didn't have to come down! I would have brought it up to you!" her mother ushered her into a chair.

"It's ok Mom. I wanted to come down. I needed to stretch." Yuumei sat down.

They all ate silently. A strong tension seemed to loom over them. Yuumei felt the strain all right, but she tried to divert her attention away from it. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed her father using a fork and knife. Yuumei found this very amusing, seeing her father never used silverware. A small smirk crept onto her face.

"Silverware is not as easy as it looks," her father held the utensils, frustrated. "Especially when you haven't used them before…"

Yuumei couldn't hold it in any longer, she burst out laughing. She immediately felt sorry for him and tried to control herself. She carefully reached out and took the "dangerous" tools away from him.

"You don't have to use silverware. No one asked you to," she told him.

"I just thought…never mind," her father looked down at his food and started to eat with his hands.

By the time the meal was close to finished, Yuumei's mother uttered a few words and dishes floated over to the sink to wash themselves.

What was that for?! Yuumei thought. She's never done that before…

"Oh dear, don't be so surprised! Did you think I always did the dishes? That would make my hands all wrinkly," her mother made a face at the thought of her precious hands becoming creased and dry. "Well, while you're still here, we have business to talk about. You're coming of age that you need to start training."

"Training?" Yuumei hesitated.

"You haven't forgotten have you? You're part fox part angel. I thought you would know that by now."

"I do! But what do you mean by training?" Yuumei questioned.

"Well, your father and I must take up the job of educating you in Tejina –the art of illusions- and Tatakai –the art of battle. You will be trained depending on the time of day. We were hoping we could start today. You seem to be doing fine."

"Ok…" Yuumei was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe all of this was happening so fast.

"Well, then, let's get started!" her mother rushed off upstairs.

A couple minutes later, her mother appeared in the kitchen with a small pile of white cloth in her arms. Carefully, she unfolded it and let it drop to the ground. It was a pure white, something that could not be achieved by bleaching. It had a soft glow that radiated a short distance from the dress. The white was accompanied by a gold trim around the edges of the dress. Long armlets flowed out into bell-shape sleeves. To complete the ensemble, a forest green sash tied around the waist. Yuumei tentatively reached out.

"Go try it on." Her mother encouraged her.

Yuumei took the silky dress from her mother and delicately went up to her room. She changed out of her pajamas and slipped on the sinuous garb. At first, it seemed a bit too baggy, but little by little, the dress altered itself to fit her perfectly. Yuumei stood in awe, not wanting to mess any of its adjustments with her movements.

"You like?" her mother's voice came from her door.

Forgetting about not moving, Yuumei swung around. "Is it suppose to do this?"

"Oh yes, I did that. I was never any good at sewing. Don't worry about moving, that won't affect it. Why don't you come with me and I'll show you the room I set up."

They proceeded out of the room. Yuumei's mother turned to go down the hall, opposite from the direction of the stairs.

"Uhh, Mom? Don't we have to go downstairs?"

Yuumei's mother continued down the hall at a steady pace. Yuumei reluctantly followed. They stopped at the end of the hall. Yuumei's mother murmured a couple inaudible words. The blank wall dissipated right before Yuumei's eyes. A room lay in front of her. It had apparatus for Tejina. Yuumei looked around at the white walls and tan carpets. Everything seemed normal, except for a strange feeling that fizzed up and down her spine. It was elusive.

"You're feeling the power and magic running through the room. Don't be alarmed. In a way, you are one with the room," her mother commented. "Come in, come in!"

Yuumei walked farther into the room, feeling the presence of something stronger now. She sat down on a nearby cushion. Her mind was taking in the strangeness of this all.

"Well, I'd imagine we'd start with the basics, right? Of course," Yuumei's mother answered her own question. "First, every angelic being has "Chikara" running through their veins. That is… the raw energy that we use for charms. Chikara is not formed yet, so, anyone who wants to create anything with the Chikara must use "Ishi", or the Will to do conjuring. We use that to form and shape the charm so it will do as we want. If you do not have the Will, it will not work. Is this making sense?" her mother tried her hardest to explain the procedure.

"Somewhat. You use Ishi to mold Chikara to create a charm." Yuumei replied.

"Yes. Good. Now, I want you to close your eyes and relax. Let your mind leave your body. You should feel a power like no other, flowing through your body. This is the first step into using Chikara," her mother instructed.

Yuumei closed her eyes and cleared her mind as best she could. She always had trouble with blanking her mind. There always seemed to be that looming thought of thinking about not thinking. Slowly, she slipped into a state of semi-consciousness. Even though she was "half-asleep" she still kept on thinking. Suddenly, Hikari popped into her mind. She blushed furiously.

How can I be thinking of him at a time like this?

Her heart started to race. Gradually, she felt a small trickle of energy in her spine. She concentrated on it, trying as hard as she could to focus. The power grew within her. It felt like the life of the world was running through her. The corners of her mouth rose slightly.

"Ahhh…You feel it," her mother clapped with joy.

Yuumei snapped back into reality and opened her eyes. She grinned. She had done it! She glanced up at the odd clock on the wall. What had felt like minutes, had taken an hour.

"What?! I was sitting her for an hour?" Yuumei exclaimed.

"I'm surprised it took so little time," her mother looked at her puzzled. "Most Minarai take at least two. Hmmm… Did you happen to think of someone you love?"

Yuumei's cheeks turned a rosy pink. "I don't like him. He's just a friend…"

Yuumei's mother nodded in a skeptical way. "Well, what you felt was the power that all angelic beings have. It allows them to use "magic", so to speak. I will teach you how to tap into that power and mold it to your purpose." Yuumei's mother smiled softly. "So! I want you to practice tapping into that power. I will time you. Then, once you can get it down to a short amount of time, I will teach you how to mold it."

And so, this went on until the sun began to set. Yuumei tried to reduce her time. Every time, she couldn't seem to erase her mind of all thought and every time, she tried thinking of Hikari's sweet and tender smile. Immediately afterward she could feel the Chikara flow through her veins. By sun down, she had her time to ten minutes.

She quietly proceeded downstairs after transforming into her fox demon self. Everything in that room suddenly rejected her, even the dress. She could feel the anger toward the two races grow with every breath she took. In regular clothes now, she found her father waiting for her at the stairs.

"Are you ready?" he grunted.

"I guess…" Yuumei said exhaustedly. Tapping into yourself was tiring.

"Ok then. Come with me."

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