I've been through mountains of fire
Trudged through rivers of sorrow
I've gone through the wood of depression
Seen the end of the bottomless pit
Though my heart has been forgotten
And I've been discarded all my life
I can now look beside me and say with faith
That I'm not alone, and You've never left my side
No one loves me the way You do
I've never felt so cared for
No one's held me the way You do
You never let go even in times of trial
I've never felt love the way I do now
Drowning in a pool of my own tears
And at the same time feeling I deserve it
No one would miss me anyway
No one has ever loved me the way I've loved them
But to find Your love is greater than imaginable
And to finally see the way you've reached out crying
For you, my Love, I won't give up on this world
I'm sorry I've always run away from You
But I didn't know it was You I've been hiding from
So now I give myself to You, I am Yours
I promise to always dig deeper into myself
And try to remember who I was before the fall
I love you more than anything on Earth
But I'll always be reaching for the infinity amount of love
So I can love You the way You've always loved me
No one's taken my hand before
I never felt secure before You
No one's cried for me the way You do
I always cried alone
No one loves me the way You do
My Father, I can't express how I cherish You