What if I was different..?

Maybe you would love me more
If I was some druggie or something
A worthless whore
Would you even care then?
If I slit my wrist
Or screamed and cried out again

What if I my eyes were blue instead of green
Would you ever notice?
Or would they remain unseen
Have you ever really looked at me?
Looked and saw my complicated depths
Like the harsh black sea

Did you know that I prefer night over day?
And the first chance I get
im going to run away
When you think of me do you smile?
Am I worth it all?
Worth waiting awhile

But fine, whatever, I don't care anymore
Go find someone else
She could be your whore
I loved you a lot and ill always care
When your done with her
Come back and compare

Ill still be here, waiting for you
Maybe now you can see
The real me that shines through..
I wrote this poem when I was mad at my ever so wonderful boyfriend Sam :p
He does drugs..which gets me terribly mad.but he is just so sweet and a
wonderful person. But sometimes he talks about his druggie friend as
"family" and I get into one of my evil little moods, but this is when I can
actually write a poem. Enjoy!