Chapter 1: Damsels in distress?

"Why is it so flipping hot?"

"Julie are you sure you know how to read that map?"

"Of course I know how to read the map, we're going that way.oh wait, is this upside down?" The redhead asked as she turned the map around.

"Oh my God!" The even shorter girl with dark hair cried and tried to take the map. "Jesus, Julie hand it over."

"No way, back off Jess. I know how to read a map." Julie snapped, hazel eyes narrowing at the short girl.

"Could have fooled me." Jess said, as she glared up at her friend.

"Shut up. Nether of you can read a map." Maggie snorted. The other two then slowly turned to look at the blond haired girl.

"How much farther?" Maggie's younger sister Jean asked as she trudged along.

"You guys, do you want me to ask the guy over there?" A brown haired girl asked as she adjusted her glasses.

"No Bridget, I know where we're going." Julie said angrily.

"Riiiight." Jess said.

"Sure, uhuh." Maggie added.

"Shut up you midget bitches." Julie cried as she threw down the map and stormed off. Jess pickled it up.

"Ok, we go left-"

"Jess, what the hell are you saying? We need to go straight." Maggie said as she looked over her friends shoulder.

"Umm, maybe we outta follow Julie." Bridget said, looking between her friends. She sighed as no one listened, well except maybe Jean.

"Chocolate." Jean said to herself. " I like chocolate." Ok, maybe Jean wasn't paying attention. It was the start of the summer and the girls had gone on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg with the librarian slash sergeant mother for the first week of summer. It was a great trip, except for the teeny fact that they were now lost. The girls where trying to get to the building which held the museum for the insane asylum and they had somehow gotten lost. Not to mention that it was the hottest day of the trip so far, they where in rented Colonial garb because of the dancing lesson they where returning from and they where all tired and not in the best of moods at the moment. So here they where, five modern girls with a map and flaring tempers, trying to find a building without killing each other in the process. The odds of that happening were starting to look slim.

"I can just ask the Colonial guy, you know the guy over there in the knickers? They're like paid to tell people stuff." Bridget said.

"Pink chocolate." Jean said dreamily.




"I have such a desire to knock head together."

"Bridget, stop quoting 1776. John Adams can't help you now." Julie cried. Bridget glared at Julie. Then she slowly smiled.

"I say vote yes. Vote yes, vote for independence yes!" she started singing at the top of her lungs.

"Oh God, who got her started?" Maggie asked.

"SOMEBODY OPEN UP A WINDOW!" Bridget continued to sing as she suddenly walked in front of everyone and down the road.

"Someone shut her up!" Jess cried. "I need to concentrate."

"NEVER!" Bridget cried, wishing she had a walking stick to flourish at her friends.

"Pink chocolate covered pen-"

"Jean, do not finish that sentence." Maggie cried. Julie started to cackle. Maggie whirled around to glare up at Julie.

"Oh fuck it. I have no clue where we're going." Jess said with a sigh as she threw down the map.

"See, it's a piece of crap, that's why I couldn't read it." Julie said as she crossed her arms.

"Sure, ok, yah. Let me see it." Maggie said.

"I'm gonna ask the guy in the knickers." Bridget cried out and ran to the corner where "the guy in the knickers" stood. Jean continued to muse about pink chocolate and other unmentionable things, Bridget and the knickers guy where pointing and nodding, while the other three girls fought over the map.

"JULIE GIVE IT TO ME!" Maggie screamed, getting an odd look from anther man in costume.

"HELL NO BITCH!" Julie snarled.

"Julie, don't snarl like that, it makes you look horrible." Jess sighed. The new dressed up guy smirked as he watched the fun. Suddenly the three girls slowly turned to look at him.

"Good day ladies." He said and bowed.

"Oh shut up you pansy." Julie cried. The man looked up, startled.

"Julie, stop scaring the workers." Maggie said as she rubbed her temples.

"But it's so much fun." Jess pouted as the man backed away then started to run toward the nearest tavern. Bridget then walked back over.

"We go forward troops." She said with an air of command as she marched around her friends.

"Hold on, how the hell do you know?"

"Because I asked the guy in the knickers. DuUH. Now, line up." Bridget cried.

"Line up." Jess echoed with a smirk.

"Single file."

"Single file."



"Alright." Bridget and Jess then started to march and sing, "You can go but be back soon" from Oliver.

"Sweet Jesus." Maggie said but followed.

"Ditto." Julie said.

"Hey, wait for me." Jean cried. They started to march on when suddenly Jess tripped over the long hem of the gown.

~Mean while ~

"And so Mrs. C, that is why Yoda is the greatest Jedi master ever." Matt said to the distracted librarian.

"Uh-huh." Mrs. C said. She looked around the entrance. It wasn't like the girls to be late, well ok, not THIS late. She was starting to get worried. Anthony and Jared where sitting in the corner trying to figure out "The Mission Impossible Theme" for saxophone. "Hey, Anthony." Mrs. C called.

"Wha?" The tall boy asked, looking confusedly around.

"I did tell the girls to meet us here after the dance lesson, didn't I?" Mrs. C asked.

"Yah, why aren't they here yet?" Anthony asked looking around for his girlfriend and her friends.

"No they're not." Mrs. C said with a sigh.

"Wow, Anthony, way to not notice your girlfriend being MIA." Jared joked. Anthony frowned at him and then looked at the door. Jared flowed his gaze. "They probably just got lost, I don't think we should worry." He said. Anthony nodded but didn't say anything.

~ Back with the girls~

"Damnit, cobblestone hurt." Jess winced as she rubbed her knee.

"Yah." Julie said. All of the girls had grabbed a hold of each other when Jess had started to fall; even if they had been bitching each other out a few minuets ago they were all still family or something like family.

"Wow, a lot of the works are here now." Jean said as she stood up and fixed her hair.

"Yah." Maggie said as she helped Bridget up. "So where now, Pidge?"

"Yah." Jess and Julie chorused as they stood up, Bridget however was staring transfixed at her surroundings.

"What's wrong, Bridget?" Jean asked as the girls green eyes widened.

"You guys, that's different. Look at the roof; in fact look at all the roofs. And the livestock and the tree, or lack thereof I guess I should say." Bridget said slowly, not wanting to completely say what was on her mind.

"Pidge, no way. I mean you don't mean to say that we're in the past." Maggie said with a laugh. Her blue eyes darted around and she suddenly her smile faded. "Pidge, tell me that we're not in the past." Jess stood staring at a newspaper that she had stooped down to pick up. Her grip tightened.

"What is it?" Julie asked as she took the paper. She read it and then dropped it. "Oh crap." The redhead whispered. Maggie frowned and picked up the paper. She then glared at it and Bridget bit her lip.

"What does it say Maggie?" Jean asked.

"It says that the year is 1774." Maggie said.