Chapter 4: Martha

AN: Warning; there will be time and setting switching in this. Nothing
confusing but necessary for the story!

The girls had been with them for over a week now and Thomas was
quiet pleased with how they seemed to be adjusting. Jess was very
comfortable in the Cabinet-Makers since she found Sebastian there. He
had dropped a hammer on his foot but seemed to be allright. Thomas
smiled a bit to himself. Julie and Jess, for all they're slips and
clumsiness in the dresses they had wonderful personalities and charmed
anyone who entered the shop. Maggie and Bridget where truly helpful in
their organizing of notes taken in the past and the notes they took.
The girls all kept quite about what was going on and simply pretended
to be friends of Thomas' family.
The meetings where certainly stirring but no one could seem to
make up their minds on what to do next. Most of the delegates wound up
leaving and not being able to speak to each other for at least three
days after; it was most frustrating to Thomas who was a firm believer
in people being able to work together to achieve a common goal. He
sighed as he walked down the street with Bridget after dinner. Nether
one said anything, nor needed to. They both wanted to be alone with
their thoughts and contemplate the next day. Thomas looked up at the
stars, which are always so clear in Williamsburg. He smiled up at
them, the stars never changed, they stayed on course and where true.
The stars never lied. Martha loved the stars.

"Who's Martha?" Bridget asked. Thomas stopped and almost tripped when
he realized he had said her name out loud.

"Excuse me?" He said, trying to cover up the slip. Bridget smiled.

"Oh I see. Fine I won't ask again, obviously someone you fancy." She
started to walk again with a smirk on her face. Thomas frowned; women
always got that smirk on their faces when they knew something. "I've
got a boyfriend you know." She said.

"Pardon?" Thomas asked as he walked next to her again.

"A boyfriend, um, someone courting me?" Bridget fumbled with the term,
as the she picked up her skirt to walk over a puddle.

"Really?" Thomas asked as he held her elbow.

"Yep, his name is Anthony." She said with a nod. Thomas looked down at
her and smiled a bit. They walked a bit farther before he ventured
anther question.

"What is he like?"

"Who? Oh Anthony, well he's very smart but not always to smart when it
comes to common sense and dealing with people. He's very tall, a foot
taller then I am actually. He has brown hair and hazel eyes and he
wears glasses. Oh and he's a musician." Bridget said proudly.

"I see." Thomas said. "You say he's also a musician?"

"Yes, he can play all kinda of things and he sings."

"Oh, I play the violin." Thomas said. Bridget stopped.

"You? Really? Hey that's wonderful. Will you play for us sometime?
Jess plays the viola." Bridget said as she grinned up at him. She, of
course, knew that Jefferson played violin but she wanted him to bring
it up.

"We'll see." Thomas said as they resumed walking.

"Are you going to tell me about Martha yet?"

~ Back at the Asylum. ~

"Mrs. C, don't you think that the addition of more scenes for Arween
was a brilliant move for the Lord of the Rings movies? I mean she's
really deserves them even though she was only in the first book, and
Liv Tyler is such a great actress-"

"Matt, shut it please!"

"HA!" Jared cried. Mrs. C glared at him. "Sorry."

"Where are they? They could not be this late. Maggie, Julie and
Bridget have been here before. Didn't they have a map?" Mrs. C asked
as she looked out the front door for the fifteenth time that hour.

"Yah, they had the crappy one." Jared said in a bored tone as he tried
to get Anthony's attention.

"God I hope this isn't anther Billy situation." Mrs. C said and sat
down as she pushed back some of her red hair. There were a few minuets
of silence.

"But don't you think that Liv Tyler IS a great actress?"

~Back in 1700s, in the tavern~

"When are Tommy and Pidge gonna be back?" Julie asked a very stressed
looking Patrick.

"I don't know." Patrick said as he tried to straighten papers that
where spread across his writing desk.

"I'm bored." Jean said. She smiled and started dancing around the room
as she sang, "Girls don't like boys girls like cars and money. Boys
will laugh at girls when they're not funny."

"Oh sweet Jesus." Patrick said with a sigh. "Why can't it be Thomas'
night top watch them?"

"And these boys like these girls like these boys like these girls"

"God, I wouldn't wish all of you anyone when you're wound up, even
King George."

~ Thomas and Bridget ~

"You aren't going to let this be are you?" Thomas asked with a smile.

"Ummmm, nope. Oh and if you don't tell me I'll just tell the other
girls and then you'll have THEM to deal with." Bridget said as she
crossed her arms and stopped. Thomas sighed and led her over to a

"Martha is a girl who lives here that I believe is, well she's-"
Bridget put up a hand to silence him.

"I get it, you like her."

"Oh much more then like, why she's the sun. She the breeze, she's all
that's good and sweet in this world. She's wonderful and kind." Thomas
said as he gazed up at the sky.

"Is she pretty?" Bridget asked softly.


"Well then ask her out to lunch, the girls and I could make it, ok
I'll make it and they'll make the basket look nice and pack it."
Bridget urged.

"Oh I couldn't." Thomas said with a shocked look on his face.

"Why not?"

"Because, well I wouldn't know what to say." He sighed. Bridget sat in
silence and seemed to be in deep thought.

"I know what that's like. I have an idea though. A way you could tell
her how you feel without talking." She said finally.

"What?" Thomas asked. Bridget smiled and started to whisper in his

"It's about time you two came back, where's Thomas?" Patrick asked as
he stood up. The girls had danced and sung till they got tired and now
where passed out in various places.

"Thank God we live in a tavern." Bridget said as she shook her head.
"Thomas dropped me off and now he has to do some errands." Patrick
raised an eyebrow.

"Errands, at this hour?"

"Yep, now come on, we have to get them to bed in OUR room, not on your
floor." Bridget said as she raised a jug with cool water over Jess'

A young woman with long hair sat at her window. She was gazing at the
stars and thinking how wonderful the night was. It was so beautiful,
almost as beautiful as a violin. Violin, how did she come up with that

"Perhaps because I hear one." She whispered to herself. She looked
down to see a figure playing a soft melody. She grabbed her red cloak
and ran down the stairs to the yard. She then, very carefully, shut
the door and sat down on a small stone bench. She shut her eyes and
listened as the song crescendoed and decrescendoed. When it ended she
clapped and looked to see who the mysterious musician was.

"Miss Martha," He began in a soft voice as he bowed. She put her hand
up to his lip and shook her head.

"No need to speak Tom, I understand." With that his usually serious
face broke out into a grin and he took her hand and kissed it. Then he
led her back over to the bench, tucked the violin under his chin and
started to bow again.

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