Title: The Virgin's Song
Author: Heather P.

Here I lay,

I am pure.
Innocent in flesh,
And smiling in my dreams.

The feel of my skin,
As my nails trace against my inner thigh,
And the tug of teeth on the pillows edge.
My neck arches up in ecstasy.
The soft cotton against my tongue and lips,
So like a kiss.
(Could you kiss me like that?)

The stretching and expanding,
Of the definition of sensation,
Of sensuality without sex.

My eyes roll up against the ceiling,
At the rush,
My breath catching quick,
My toes spreading wide against the sheets,
And all this laying still.

The air against my skin,
The tug of my nightshirt collar as I roll,
My arm falling across the pillow,
In a moment of peace and reflection.

The taste of green apple on my lips as I press them shut,
Salt encrusting in the corner of my mouth.

I sleep,
There is no one here,
In my room,

My bed.

There never has been,
I feel no shame for that.

I do not need anyone here,
I have my self,
And I am proud of it all.

With the feeling of sensation,
Every inch of my skin sings,
Without even a touch.

A virgin am I,
But not to the ecstasy of bliss,
Of touch and feeling,
The tug of teeth against my skin,
The arching of my back with this wetness between my thighs,
The explosion of my blood and breath,
The pounding of my heart at the mere thought of you and me.

I don't need anything else thank you,
Until I explore all of this and let my fingers find it all,
(Which will be awhile.)

Oh! I just found something new.

So I don't need you,
To touch my body,
(Stick to my mind)

What? But . . .
(Oh, you do that so, so well honey. I love your voice, sweetie. Do I have to beg?)
No, but . . .
(Please . . . Com' on, sweet talk to me baby.)
(Oh! Kinky! . . . wait . . . go on.)

Sorry girls and guys,
And sorry to you my lover,
But this leg show is only open for me.