I heard someone say once
Not too long ago
That God was sitting on his throne
Beaming at our praises
But I do not believe this
It just doesn't seem like God
To just sit there
On his heavenly throne
I believe that he is standing
On the tall stairways of heaven
Looking through the crowds
Greeting everyone with his open arms
But eyes still searching
Through the endless crowd
Looking for someone
That he hasn't found
He's looking for us
And he's waiting
'Til we move on from this world
Up to his amazing house
He'll greet us with a smile
His arms held open wide
He'll embrace us with his love
We just cried and cried
He'll hold us in his arms
Whisper those words of love
Give us that tender loving care
That we so desperately crave
He will take us back to his house
And love us for eternity, and more
We will spend eternity by his side
He'll never push us away
~Talitha Wilson