This is a spell, a curse of mine

I hold on to the tattered vine

A flame below burns it away

And I fall to the land of decay

Where you will greet me with a smile

The past massacre that looks so vile

Bodies bleeding everywhere

Blood on their clothes, blood in the hair

Stench of death burns in the sky

Fumes from fire make me high

Teach me how to live with fear

To keep so calm when death is near

And as we're walking down the road

I see a man with a heavy load

I ask him to see inside his pack

But instantly wanted him to put it back

For in the bag that this man held

Were things that rotted, things that smelled

Limbs of people once alive

Before they took this strange man's dive

Straight into his back they went

It's just another way to vent

And farther down the road I saw

A spider web next to a broken saw

And on this saw I saw dry stains

The marking of the ruptured veins

I picked it up, I put it down

And then I saw the wedding gown

Made of silk, velvet, and lace

Stains on the dress my heart race

You carry on as I start to follow

It's getting harder for me to swallow

There's a dead end but we keep on going

There is so much more here that needs showing

Like the woman made up of deep sin

Don't challenge her, you will not win

And the bloodthirsty, ravenous crows

What they survive on, nobody knows

The séance brings out tortured ghosts

A party that the blind man hosts

We drink the vodka, we drink the hope

We find ourselves tied up in ropes

This is the end to this fairy tale

The songs are the screaming, the songs are the wails