i suck as a poet
i've never been any good @ poetry
the rhyming kind at least
with all of its rules and formats
strict "ab" this and "bc" that.
my words, trying to be beautiful and flowing
fall splat onto the pavement of my paper.
how does one catch the thoughts
-the ideas racing through my mind-
images more metaphorical than concrete
if not through poetry, than through what?
i think poetry was invented by a woman,
structured by a man. who else but a woman
would be capable of forming
a complete and separate medium
for catching thoughts as passionate,
and emotions as strong,
as a woman's own?
even though i may be a bad poet,
the meters and stanzas turning my brain
inside out, upside down,
i am good at being passionate.
i am good at being a woman.
with that confidence, i put my pen to paper
shove and begin to create.
~kcs '03~