A Bitter Laugh?

Not a wolf and not a man
He walks in a world that does not see
The snarl becomes a sinful smile
The howl a mocking laugh
He has no need to hide the beast
People never even see the boy

What do they care about one small boy
Who willing flouts the laws of man
Finding no shame in the role of beast
The danger in this he does not see
More content to play his games and laugh
Than to notice those who never smile

Them who hide behind another's smile
Waiting for their chance with the boy
A chance to choke his revealing laugh
To keep their secret from man
For if man were to finally see
Thus would end the realm of the beast.

They take pride in the cult of the beast
Cherishing the fangs behind the smile
Laughing at what others never see
None except one forsaken boy
Who takes no stock in the lives of man
Except to grace them with a laugh

Why must he always laugh?
Does he not sense the approaching beast
Hunting like deer is hunted by man?
Does he trust that twisted smile
That could change a man into a boy?
Or does he pretend not to see?

Yet he can easily see
See it all and laugh
What they think a harmless boy
Has all the power of a beast
But would rather charm with a smile
Than lose his temper to common man

Within them the boy they never see
Nor the lost man that makes him laugh
So to each beast he shows but a smile