Both Ways

Some non-Christians hate discrimination

You know what I mean

When others hate your view on creation

They needn't make a scene

Some heretics dislike Christians

I am not one of them

Many love their own plans

No one has the right to condemn

Christians have the Golden Rule

Turn the other cheek

True Christians are good people

Make peace with words they speak

My closest friends are these

We needn't always concur

One doesn't see what the other sees

We have the right to differ

Christians love their Lord

Who gave them strong morals

Jesus Christ is deeply adored

Why should others quarrel?

Some people are not true to their principles

This is a concept of all religions

Of all types of people

It did not start or end with Christians

In short, disagreement and hate

Should not be the same

Evil should not be in debate

For it, no one is to blame