It takes just one—

One man

Alone in his convictions

With a small band of followers

He revolutionized the world

With his dream…

It takes just one—

One god

To flip a hierarchy

One man's beliefs

His prophecy

His teachings

He rose to royal status

A king among the mortals

And immortals perhaps

Who could convert neither the Jews

Nor the polytheistic power-mongers

[ubiquitous hypocrites]

His society bred

He created a new culture

Embrace truth, love

Days in the desert

And they turn into years

And the two meld with the dust and sand

Which seems to speak so blatantly of time

Or perhaps its meaninglessness

Swirled on the winds that destroy

And create

So indiscriminately…

An idealist

A heretic

The first of his kind.

It takes just one

One man

One god

His society destroyed him

But his name is remembered

Thousands of years past his birth, his