If Only

There's so much angst,
And so much crying.
So many wasted lives,
So many people dying.
For all those born,
There's one more dead.
A blade on the wrist,
A bullet through the head.
A pill in the palm,
A leap or a dive.
All were wondering,
The point of being alive.
But what of those,
Who didn't want to go?
Whose lives were blown,
Right out the window?
Say a prayer,
As disease takes over.
Make a wish,
On a four-leaf clover.
Watch for that shooting star,
Coursing through the sky.
While in the hospital,
Just waiting to die.

Maybe if things were different,
Drugs wouldn't hold an appeal,
Over those who are searching,
For something to just be real.
Maybe if things were different,
She wouldn't cut and she would eat,
And he wouldn't find himself,
Alone and thrown out in the street.
There would be no angst,
No one would be crying.
There'd be no wasted lives,
No one would be dying.
We'd know how to live,
Our lives the best way.
And make use of the gifts,
That we're granted each day.

If only things were different,
This pain we'd never have known.
If only things were different,
Then we would never feel alone.
If only things were different,
Blood would never be shed.
And if only things could be different,
Hope would not be so dead.