March 2. 1199

My life couldn't get worse. Not to mention being the Kings daughter, everyone has some sort of moral slandered for me. Look perfect, dress perfect, have this perfect heavenly life. But I hate this. I hate my life. Not only the castle walls trap me but also I have trapped myself. I want to get out into the world, run in an open field swim in a water hole, and maybe even have a friend. Don't get me wrong Marie is a friend, but she is my maid to, I need someone more to confide in, not just this stupid book. I mean I have left the castle before, but all I've seen then is days and days of flat Ocean when I go with father on his voyages.

'Annabelle, supper!"

"Coming Rosemary!"

I gently laid the book down by my beside table and ran down the corridor,  up a flight of stairs across the hallway and down some stairs once more. (This is my crazy life up and down my massive castle. I hate to call home.)

'Must you run throughout the house like that Annabelle?"

' Well father you did call me to dinner, and I was late."

Angrily, I dug into my potatoes and ham, and hurriedly asked if I could be excused.

I slowly walked to my room then to a passage way to the roof, my getaway place, and sat silently my feet hanging over the rim of the stonewall. As the sun set, and deep purples and pinks were painted in the sky, I gazed upon the little village, until the sun softly set, behind the small brown mountains keeping that watched over our little city. And as dawn turned to dusk, I thought of all the children, neatly tucked into bed, sweet dreams floating in and out of their heads.

" It's so unfair."  Taking a last glance at the sky, now dotted with gleaming stars, I climbed back into the warmth of my bedroom.

As I quickly changed into my gown, and clambered into bed, I fell asleep almost at instant I had more than tired myself out with all my thoughts.

            ' Ms. Annabelle get up! Its late today is --"

            'Oh my God!!! I totally forgot! I'm meeting the next countries Prince! Fathers going to have my head for this!" I ran out of bed, jumped into an ice cold bath that was probably made hours ago, since I could still smell the rose oil in it, and quickly put on my new dress, (which I despise, it makes me look like a pink rasperberry) pulled my hair into a tight bun, and put on some rouge. 

                        I ran to the dining hall, were I was supposed to b fifteen minutes ago. "Annabelle! I see you've deiced to join us." I could hair he was trying to joke, but could also here a hint of anger suppressed in his voice.

"Sorry father, Marie couldn't wake me."

" That's quite okay. Anyhow, this is Prince Julian."

'Pleased to meet you Julian, I'm Annabelle." I said putting my hand out for him to take.

He introduced himself and kissed my hand. (I hate when men do that!!)

Well we talked and ate, and he bored me like every other Prince. Then my father gave me our annul time alone. At first, Julian seemed so much better then the rest, but as sooon as we were left alone I thought otherwise.

" So this is wee you live? My castle is at least three times better."

"Oh" I said desperately trying to be polite.

"And we have double the servants. And—

SLAM. I walked out on him. Just like that. I didn't care about his castle I didn't care about his servants, or anything else he had to say for that matter.

"Dear, you need to choose someone soon, I'm getting old and,"

'Father you know how I hate it when you say that you have plenty more time!!! I'll be in my room if you need me"

May 4, 1199

I hate this. I've decided on what I'm doing. I'm leaving this stupid castle. I'm running away.