Never evading the pain,

An unending cycle of hurt and torment

Being consumed by the unseen predator, being hunted by an invisible


Unable to cease the stabbing, the knife diving deep beneath the flesh with ugly accuracy,

Never knowing what to expect, being ambushed in the darkness of confusion and isolation,

Having no control, desperately clawing for something tangible, something solid,

In need of something to remind you that insanity has not come for you with its long cape of nothingness to pull you farther away from


Crying, screaming, praying that death will find you and take you away from the icy coldness of your skin and the disgusting flesh that you call


Hoping for liberation from the chains of the unknown; all you have left is the feeling, illegitimate under the critical stares of demons, emotions left unexplained and unaccounted for, seeking the fulfillment of understanding,


For something concrete is the maze of abstraction that you have created for yourself and all you hear is,

"Why can't you be more like everyone else?"