Step to the left, step to the right

Holding me close,

Feeling each heartbeat

Feeling each breath

Each gentle stroke

Each relaxing smile

All your beautiful words.

Step to the side, step to the front

Hugging me dearly,

Loving me always

Loving me truly

Loving me with your heart,

Next to mine.

Your soft black hair reaches your shoulders,

Perfumed with jasmine and shining against the light.

Brown eyes meeting mine, shouting out toward each other.

Your tender arms around my neck, drawing me closer toward you.

Step to the back, step to the middle

Never forget this moment,

Never will it be our last

For first impressions can only be made once

But passion as this can be felt forever.

Whisper softly in my ear,

Of a secret love you shared for me

And hear me share the affection

That a heart as gentle as yours

Could cradle and experience as whole.

Step that final time, and turn all around

We shall never forget this moment

For all of time, for my love for you

Will never grow thin.