Disguised Angel


I woke up and saw nothing but white. Is this heaven? Am I dead? That thought terrified me. I started to panic when I saw my mother beside me.

"Riana, are you okay?" my mother said while holding my hand. Her hands are so soft and warm. I'm not yet dead, that's wonderful news.

"Yeah." I said to her. I started to notice the people who are in the room with me. There is my family and Krystal at my bedside who still have tear- stained face.

"Riana, good thing you are awake." Krystal said while she is crushing me in a bear hug.

"Krystal, I can't breathe." I said in a muffled voice.

"I'm sorry Riana."

"That's okay." I gave her a reassuring smile but the weird thing is that her face grew sadder at each passing moment. Not only her but also everyone in the room has the same facial expression as Krystal have. Now things are getting scarier at each passing moment.

"What's wrong with you guys? It's not as though I'm dying right at this moment." I said trying to keep the humor in this place. Instead, I made Angela, Krystal, and mom cry. Something's wrong in here.

"Mom what's wrong? Why are you crying?" mom didn't answered me she just kept on crying. Getting frustrated I asked my father what's wrong.

"Dad?" but he just looked down at his feet.

"Alex?" he did the same thing as what had dad did. Now I'm getting scared and frustrated at each passing moment. "Could somebody tell me what's wrong in here!" at that moment I felt dizziness coming over me and started to feel my stomach turning upside down. Before I knew it, I vomited at my bed and felt like I couldn't move.

"Riana!" they all said to me at the same time. My vision is blocked by their worried faces over mine. They continued on calling a name, which I can't seem to know, a name called Riana. Then I fell into darkness once more.


I woke up to an unfamiliar place. It is an open field filled with peonies and daisies. I am wearing a white sundress at that time.

"Where am I?" I said loudly. I started to walk to look for a familiar place when I finally gave up. I sat down on one of the tree to rest up. Weird, because I felt like all of my problems vanishing like a swirl of smoke. I closed my eyes to feel the calming air that surrounds me. When I opened my eyes, I saw another figure walking towards me. I watched closely who this person is. As this figure got nearer, I realized that the person is a guy. He knelt in front of me and held my hand into his. His hands are so warm that I wanted to hold forever. I can't see his face clearly because it was shadowed by sunlight but I am sure of one thing he has a well-built body. He began to speak to me in a soft tone that made me think of a singing angel. Weird huh?

"No matter what may happen don't lose hope. I will always be there for you. Remember that."

"Who are you?"

"You will soon know in time, Riana." After he said that, everything went bright and the next moment he is gone.


I woke up to the same plain white room. I looked to my right and saw some weird looking people wearing a white coat and writing on something.

"Who are you?"

"Oh so your awake. How are feeling right now?"


"Glad to hear that, by the way my name is Dr. Craven." The man said to me then he turned to the lady beside him. "Ms. Fielding, could you please tell her family the Riana is now awake and let them all in."

"Yes doctor." Then the lady went out.

"So how long do you have these headaches and dizziness?" the doctor asked to me.

"Well, I have these since two weeks ago but they aren't head splitting as they are right now."

"Hmmm.I see." Then the door suddenly opened and my family came in one-by- one.

"Riana honey, are you okay?" my mom asked me but.

"Riana?" I said, and then I suddenly remembered. "Oh, how could I forget my name, silly me. Yup." Everyone gave me a weird glance then my brother spoke up.

"Doctor what's wrong with her?" I looked at Dr. Craven and noticed that he has a sad expression. "Could I talk to all of you outside?" he said solemnly.

"What is it that you have to tell to everyone outside when you can say it right here. I know it's about me and I have a right to know." I asked irritably.

"Alright, we've done the test over Ms. Stephen and it is now proven that she really has a tumor on her brain. There's a 60/40 chance that the tumor might be removed because it is now in stage two of it. Meaning the tumor is now in a critical condition and the position of it is near the spinal column," said the doctor solemnly. "Mental confusion, headaches, dizziness, is some of the symptoms of brain tumor." My mind became blank after he said that. It can't be happening to me.

"Please leave me alone." I said softly to everyone. I thought they were going to protest but they silently went away from my room one-by-one.