By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Jessica Linux has been one of the most popular seniors in the whole student community of Lakewood High School and was destined to graduate and be enrolled into Statford University.

But that was before Friday,October the 31st,the night of Halloween,when she had joined some of her friends to go into the City of Cleveland to attend a Rock And Roll concert at the Gund Arena.

After they had gotten their tickets and been led to their seats,Jessica and her friends had joined the other concert goers in cheering the arrival of the world's loudest heavy metal band,Stryke Force,as they've started to sing their hit song.

While the song was being played,all the concert goers were on their feet,cheering and screaming in honor of the band.

But then,as soon as the song has ended and the concert goers had sat back down,one of Jessica's friends was shocked to discover that she had suddenly disappeared.

After they had looked around the building and found no sign of Jessica,her friends had the nearest security guard and reported her as missing.

A few minutes later,after some of the security personal had also found nothing,one of the guards had reported in and informed the security chief that he had found Jessica.

She was inside the backstage dressing room of Stryke Force,stripped naked,chained to a wall and whipped ten times with a leather belt.

She has been physically and mentally raped and abused.

But hopefully,she'll be well enough to resume her normal life.