by battousai24

Days pass by so swiftly
They just come and go
Nights are long
And most of the time
I cry myself to sleep

In my sleep
I dream of you
How you've left me alone
With no one to hold
With no one to run to

Did you think I would just cry?
Make myself sound pitiful
Though it's only a lie?
Did you think I'll fall for this all over again?
Do you know what it feels like being alone?

TIme stands still
As you walk past
Then suddenly passes by so fast
That though I'm just standing there
I can't notice it just yet

And as I crawl into my bed
Thoughts of all you've done
Go through viciously in my mind
And voices from the past
Try to mock me to death

But did you think I would just give up?
Let go of what I've worked hard for
And just walk away?
DId you think that I won't make it again?
But do you know how it feels like being alone?

Look deep inside your heart
ANd search for that feeling
You'll find what I'm telling you
In the coolest depths
You'll find out how it feels like

And when you find that feeling
Tell me exactly how you feel
You'll finally realize why I didn't cry
Why I didn't just give up and lie
Because now you know how it feels like being alone