Authors Notes: This is dedicated to the someone I really care for. He shall have to remain un-named, but for those of you know who he is, I hope you read this and smile. This is based on the small love shrine in the downtown area of where I live. Please Read and Review! Love, Arwen (Lauri).


Red Rose of Hope

~*~ "You took my heart. I left a Red Rose of Hope. Hope that in taking
mine, you would give me yours..." ~*~

She took the loose thorn she had torn off of the long stem and pressed it into her fingertip, her eyes shut tight. She drew the natural dagger away, and looked at the red liquid forming a small drop on her moonshine pale skin. It was as deep in color as the beautiful bloom in her other hand.

She kissed the soft red petals of the rose and wished with all her lovesick heart for him to return the feelings she felt. She placed her pricked finger on the center of the flower's red top, and let the crimson blood flow from her heart and into the flower.

Then, she gently lay the symbol of her affection on the cold gray stone shrine, wishing once more silently to who ever was listening to her plea, that he would fall for her. She walked quietly away, and back out into the busy city. And as she left the quiet serenity of the shrine, she never once thought it was silly, to wish upon a flower.