By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all started on Halloween night,
Which had suddenly became an evening of fright,
For on the top of my van,there was a black cat,
Which I had shoved off of my van and told to scat.
I've had no idea what happend next on that night.

As I was driving my friends home,we've spotted the cat
Once again,along with a woman in a pointed hat.
She had asked us why we were being so cruel
To her kitty,while she was making her witch's brew.
That was when we've sped away from the nut in that hat.

However,we had sped away from her so fast
That we had to stop,because we were suddenly out of gas
And the only place that was nearby was an old house--
And the reason why was that it was a haunted house
And no one has lived inside it since years past.

But since we've had no choice,we've got no choice but
To spend the night inside the place that only a nut
Would think of staying.Speaking of which,
There was a nut who had turned out to be a witch
And we had stumbled into her very own hut.

She started brewing a pot in order to summon Hell's
Very own demons and performed other sinister spells
That would turn some of us into monsters,
Which would truly bring her
Instant joy,for she was aslo a creature from Hell.

But that was before I've came up with a plan,
In order to teach that witch not to make a sham
Out of such a wonderful holiday as Halloween.
While she was distracted by the other demons,I've
The chance to snatch the brew away from that woman.

After that,I've took it to the bathroom drain
And poured the brew down it,before it caused more pain.