He took me by hand to the moon-washed secret

A small garden hillside locked away from the world

And he whispered me the answers as we giggled in the roses

We fell asleep together

And when we woke, the world was webbed with

Shimmering strands of dewdrop cords

The spiders wove above, around us

Transient cocoon

And we stared alone together

At the fading midnight sky

Inky black with broken promises

The never-ending void

We stared into each others eyes

And I was surprised, but less

than daylight logic

As I realized that his weren't eyes at all

But two drops of dew suspended

Ever-falling and replenished in

Twin bottomless wells sparkling

And he pressed my fingers to his lips

We laughed nervously

We didn't want to wake the butterflies

He opened his cloak and I gasped to see

The stars of the universe caught underneath

And it was all so beautiful

So we laid the cloak down

And laced our fingers together and dove

Into infinity

Together in the stars and blackness forever

Trapped inside of this eternity

Just our fingertips touching

And two eyes of dew