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"Nothing is sacred anymore." Her own words echoed in her head from a conversation held earlier. Amazing, the Net's possibilities; she had posed in an instant message as a 16-year-old guy, in reality a girl of 13. When she typed, she typed the truth, herself; even if it needed slight accommodations, the idea and reality of it was pure. The girl she had conversed with had called her deep. If only her shallow southern hometown would understand, but that was about as impossible as a guy falling in love with her.

She couldn't tell her friends the activity inside her head or inside her computer. Her friends, whose deepest thoughts were, "Maybe I'm not fat" or "I guess supermodels do portray false women" would, at the most, show looks of confusion or disgust if she ever tried to explain--she had given up long ago. Her main output was the Net.

"Nothing's sacred anymore. I lost my first kiss long ago. Not by choice, I was woken up at midnight by another guy in the dorm... you can guess what followed. First kisses, virginity, innocence, they're all an illusion that most of us fall for. In our society, with all the rape and harassment per day, we're all better off without them. I guess nothing's sacred anymore."

She had poured out her heart. She told everything in half an hour to XxchicababyxX03 that she couldn't tell Mia and Andi in eight years. She needed to get away.


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