My Farewell

I liked you a lot
You liked me too
There was nothing that I wouldn't do for you
But then you broke it to me
That I was no the one you wanted to see
You wanted to still be friends
I said okay
Never expecting this situation will come one day

Now someone else likes you
You kinda like her too
I think I know what you're gonna do
You're gonna be sweet
Romance her in your way
And then you will say
Those same words you said to me
And get just the same reactions you got from me

I still like you
I don't know what to do
And I deny my affection in fear of what it may do to you
Now boy, what do I do?
I can't accept these feelings so true
And the emotions I feel when I'm with you
Will we be together again someday?
And will you learn to accept what I'm trying to say
You hoped I wouldn't be shocked, I wouldn't be hurt
And I wouldn't mind the way you treated my emotions like dirt
I don't know whether I should trust you anymore
With my emotions
You are, were, and still the one that I adore

The cruel path of destiny
It's what leaves my eyes so teary
I like you still, I can't accept it
And my love actually has some depth to it
What's in her that you don't see in me?
Is this how it's supposed to be.
Some friend you are, leaving me alone
Breaking up through a letter
Did you really think it was something I would condone?

I care so much about you
Yet I was the one you barely knew
There seemed to be no room for me
In your life
You always left me questioning
I don't understand you to this day
I will never understand you
Come what may

A/N: this was an emotional poem to write, based a life experience-inspired
by that nice little Dawn of Fire says: He's not a jerk! Check my
wonderful poems about the sweet guy.
Me again: Whatever Dawn of Fire says. he's a jerk who in the end I forgave
and got over. I moved onto someone cuter and better. And the Mark's the one
the rest of poems are about ^_^
*clears throat* I'm done
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