With the Fire of a Thousand Suns

By Arthi

I had enough of you
I can't take it anymore
It was you that made my heartbreak
You made my heart sore
It was you that took my dreams away
It is your memory that haunts me to this day

You may think I'm overreacting
But it's because of you my heart is breaking
You just don't understand how I feel
You don't understand how these memories flash before me
All so real

I want to stab you
Make you hurt inside
Make you want to start to shiver
I want to make you cry
I want to get you down on your knees
Hoping to die
From the pain
Which is coming up from inside

Now you know how I feel
But then again I guess you don't
I guess you won't
This rage inside of me
It all has erupted because of you
And because of this rage
I can't take the blame for the things I will do

You heartbreaker
Sit down and deal with it
The hate inside of me
You have a reason to fear it

The guilt it will terrorize you everyday
It will make you think about the things you're gonna say
I hate you
I think I do
But then I realize I can't go on without you
You're the air that I breathe
All polluted
The ground under my feet
You never understood it

I'm lost, confused, dumbfounded and done wrong
And even after all that shit
I feel I need you to go on
Be careful about what you say
You'll learn to regret it
What you did to my spirit
You literally stamped on it

I loved you
Hell, I still do
And when I think of moving on
I realize I can't forget you
Look what you've done to me
You broken me down
Torn me apart
I should've known better
It was foreshadowed from the start
I should've known better
Should have known how to play the game
Forget everything
I'm the one to blame

I should have been smarter
I should have been cruel too
Oh wait. that's something you would do
Why should I sink to your level ?
I'd damn myself if I were ever to be you

And as I continue to rant and rave
I know the way your gonna behave
You're gonna sit me down
Wipe the tears from my face
Have me start to go at your pace.
You're so predictable
I always know what you're gonna do
And sadly enough
I realize
That I'm still terribly infatuated with you

A/N: This was written right after my ex (a kid named Pat) broke up with me.
I hated him so much but then I got over it.
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