The Girl

She was alone,
Yet she had the love of nine, beside her
She was misunderstood
She never showed the true side of her

Faking optimism was her way
Yet the depressant side of her
Never saw the light of day.
Often confused and careless too..
There never seemed to be anything she could do

Doing bad in school
Never understanding the rules
Getting by
Always acting the fool.

Why she was like this..
No one knew, let alone she
Her family condemning her
Adoring the friends of her

There seemed to be no skill she had
Always said to be a child who was bad
Had no hope of a bright future
The streets seemed to be the only place for her

To this day she stands confused
Never knowing what to do
Not knowing why she goes on
Spending her time writing
Lyrics of songs
Looking for answers
In questions unknown.
Spending most of her time
On the phone

Sooner or later she will give up
This has always been her luck
Hopeless. from the beginning
In this world, for her
There is no hope of winning

What's the point of dreaming
When these dreams don't come true?
What's the point of wishing.
When these wishes don't come true for you?
What is the point of waiting for today to end?
When tomorrow is going to begin
And waiting for tomorrow's end will never end until the end

A/N: This was a poem, which, I guess, is how I feel about my place in this
world.. I have no place. I have no destiny. But, oh well.
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