She looks in the mirror
Hoping to see
Someone worthwhile
Not someone like she

Pronounced as a rebel
With no future at all
She condemned herself to darkness
It would be she who would take the fall

Dressed in black
With no past to look back at
This little girl would never
Forget this fact

Wrapped in ideas of suicide and grief
Her heart barren
No chance of turning over a new leaf

Getting in trouble at school once a week
The social outcast
Also known as the gothic geek
She has no friends
No enemies either

She avoids them all
Who would want to confide in her?
She would ponder this thought every time
A smile came her way
People would come and go
In her life no one would stay

Her mother stoned on crack and booze
Her father walking out on them both
Causing her think she was nothing to lose
Her house a broken home
Leaving her to roam on her own

Every night she would kneel by her bed
In silent prayer
To god
Hoping he would hear her
And save her from this life
Was it really her fate?

She believed in her heart that nobody loved her
And dreamed of the day she would hold the love of another
Getting ditched by every friend she took
She refused to let her life become an open book

Beginning to think that there was reason to go on
Her hands wrapped around her father's old gun
She closed her eyes
Prayed to god
Pulled the trigger
She was gone into the blackness
Never to see the light again

A/N: I wrote this poem because I wanted to try to get into the mind of
someone who was trying to commit suicide. This is how it turned out. R&R