I walk along a monotonous path
Of pain, deceit,
And unrewarded toil.
The path has no beginning and no end,
No end in sight.
Directly parallel to my path
Run another, shining
Free of all misery and fear.
I cannot walk it
Cannot even look at it
But I know it is there.
I sense its alluring presence
Ever beckoning,
Ever calling.
At last I give in.
I mount the golden stairway that will lead me away from harsh reality
And into an everlasting dream.
But when I finally reach it,
The beautiful illusion is an illusion in itself.
The golden path shatters, revealing
A never-ending pit of emptiness.
I try frantically to reach my original path
But it is too late.
I am falling, falling
There is no light and no air.
I am in a box, enclosed
Without even the concrete presence of walls
To cling to.