Cherubic Taste

She brushes the mahogany hair away
As the tresses flow onto my shoulder
My body is her temple, but trembling
I blush as she cups my reddened cheeks
She smiles, feathers a quick peck on me
I adopt the smile, admiring her face
Her rosy and peach cheekbones glow
And her eyes like metallic crystals
Lips equivalent to a new grown rose
I linger for her cherubic taste
I close my eyes and lean forward
Our lips entwined, for the first time
Like a reunion, my fantasy fulfilled
I rest my arms around her warm waist
As hers rest on my cold shoulders
We collapse to the bed, tear filled
No corrupt sounds, just the ceiling fan
Tongue explores the walls of her mouth
As her tongue parts with my own
Her soft breasts push against mine
We moan softly and pull away for a second
Both smiling widely, for the lingered kiss
We do not say a word, just a gasp
Our lips part again, hands roaming
Holding each other lovingly, and tepid
She warms my shivering cold body
Tongues exploring new creases in the mouths
We continue for what seems like eternity
Pulling away, time seems irrelevant
Only us two nestled closely at night
Our hearts sewn back together, whole
She grins mischievously and winks
The whole night to ourselves
Our first time of beautiful love making
Followed by our first shared kiss

A/N: This took a lot of courage for me to write *sniffles*. This poem
is about the first kiss I shared with Kerri. No flames please, this
was the most beautiful and happy night of my life. This is the night
that both of us finally felt whole... WHAT A KISSER SHE IS! *grins*