Rebecca came to visit me last night. I was getting lonely, so I started tonguing my pills and sure enough, they've all started coming back. God, I hate those damn pills. They make it so I can't think. I feel fine without them; its taking them that makes me feel like something is wrong with my head. Of course, my life's been a living hell ever since William died, but Rebecca made it bearable. Sari and Elyssa helped too, of course, but Rebecca was always there. And then suddenly, I was alone. They just don't understand. I see things that they don't see, but there's nothing wrong with me. They think it's bad for me to talk when they think no one's there. They don't understand that Rebecca is real to me, don't understand that I'm happy with my reality. They don't under stand that I dont *want* to see what they see. They just don't understand.

            Sometimes I wonder if I am really the crazy one. Just because I see things that other people don't doesn't make me wrong. Sanity is not neccessarily the same as majority. Maybe I am the only one to see the true reality. They are so blind, all of them, that I wouldn't be surprised. Or maybe they all see these things, they just pretend they don't. Or choose to ignore them.

            I used to think I was gifted. That I could talk to spirits from another world when no one else could. I thought of it as a talent, not a disease.

            There is always more than one way to look at something.

            Even reality.


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