Your Smile

Have you ever been in love with a movie star? This poem reflects my first
meeting with a singer who I thought I was in "love" with. I'm not anymore
though. I luckily managed to get over that before it went too far. ~Thanks
for reading

I see you surrounded by tons of girls
You give them each a hug
Answer when they call your name
Living a life full of fame
I didn't expect anything to happen
I don't believe in fairy tales
Wanting to leave, wanting to stay
Didn't know which way to go

Then unexpectedly you look up and smile at me
Seeming frozen in time,
Unable to move
Seeing nothing except your brown eyes
Feeling as if you can see inside,
Everything that I believe in and everything that I love
Seeing you in front of me
Just inches apart
I'd give everything to you
Including my heart
Two worlds collide at the sight of your smile
Filled with kindness and love

You made me feel special
If not just for that one moment
Once moment when time seemed to stop
Everyone around me seemed to disappear
And I was in a place where there was only you and me
I'd give anything to go back to that place
All it takes is your smile