by battousai24

Don't push me away
When you feel all alone
Don't lock yourself up
You'll make it on your own

Don't try to do things by yourself
When you don't know what to do
Don't make it hard for yourself
Just ask someone to help you

Throw away your pride
You don't need it here
This side of the world is different
No one pushes anyone away

Don't run away
It's always hard at first
DOn't kill yourself
It's always scary at first

Don't hurt yourself
When you don't wish to have pain
Don't make it hard for yourself
Don't try to act cool

Don't break the rules
If you dont want to be caught
Don't run away
'Coz there's no place to hide

For once, be yourself
You'll find out it's much better
Try being who you reall are
You'll feel much better

So, don't push me away
When I try to help
And don't run away
You can't throw this away