Bloody Angel
by battousai24

As I dream through the night
A cold hand touches my face
I slowly open my eyes
And I see my angel

Her rough but gentle hands,
Still covered with crimson blood,
And her sof silky hair
Slightly caress my face

I hold her bloody hand in my own
I kiss it softly and close my eyes
Her head lowers down
Her bloody crimson lips give me a soft kiss

Slight pain distracted me
As she sunk her bloody teeth into my neck
Her sharp fangs piercing slowly
On my soft skin

The paleness of her skin soon fades
As her skin starts to color
My eyes suddenly close
As the loss of blood weakens me

I open my eyes again
And see my bloody angel there gazing at me
I try to imagine that she had bloody wings
As she had those bloody fangs

Her slightly frightful eyes softened
As I slightly shiverred
And her lips kissed me gently on my forehead
As I held her close

Beneath her, I feel protected
Nothing can ever hurt me
No one can ever touch me
As long as I held her this way

My bloody angel,
My only desire,
My only family,
My only hope,

My sister,
My only friend,
My one and only,
My only angel

Beneath her, I am protected
Beneath her, my innocence s untouched
Beneath her, I am kept pure
And to her and her alone,
I am her innocent angel
And she is my bloody angel

My now bloody wings
Wrap around us
I hold her closer, she holds me tighter
As we both fell asleep