Kyoki (Japanese for "Insanity")
by battousai24

The sun goes down
And I awaken
Seemingly blind eyes
Start to open

Walking past
Through the many tombs
And through the holy sanctuary
In this place, I will surely succumb

Words from familiar songs
Rush into my head
As the creatures from the sanctuary
Sing their holy songs

The coldness of the night
Starts to get to my body
This is pathetic
It comes from my mentality

Ill thoughts rush to my mind
Awakening the evil inside
A sly smile forms on my lips
As I look to my side

A figure walks closer
Slender figure
Beautiful crimson lips
Slick words

Long auburn hair
Alluring brown eyes
A perfect face, an angel
With a warm smile

The sun suddenly starts to rise
And I start to run
The figure staring at me
As I cower from the sun

Running fast
Passing the tombs
In this holy sanctuary
I will soon succumb

Footsteps behind, I hear
Looking back
The figure is there
Silky auburn hair on the angel's face

Looking up at me
The perect face is shattered
My angel, now a demon,
To whom my insanity succumbs

In my waking
I am alone
Searching the room for my demonic angel
From insanity of my own