Yume (Japanese for "Dream")
by battousai24

Soft crimson lips on mine
As I pull you closer
Gentle slender arms wrap around me
As I hold you tighter

Silky long hair dark as night
Fall on my face
Slight weight over me
As I position myself beneath

The bright full moon shines
As I lok out the window
Playfully, you bite my ear
Stopping me from fantasizing

Looking at you, my ear slightly red
Biting you neck slightly
As you bite my own
And soon, we kiss gently

Same crimson lips on mine once more
As I kiss you softly
Biting on them playfully
As you do the same to me

Wrapping your arms around my neck once more
As I pull you closer
And you lean in closer to deepen the kiss
As I again, hold you tighter

Pulling slightly away to breathe
I see you purse your lips
An ever knowing smile shows on my face
As I bite you lip

Closing our eyes for one more kiss
Our crimson lips never meet
Slowly opening my eyes
Looking for you here

Searching my room for your angelic face
Darkness falls on me
For in my sleep, you're with me
But when I wake, it's all just a dream