Sabishisa (Japanese for "Loneliness")
by battousai24

Curling to a ball
As the darkness falls
Shiverring slightly
As the cool breeze blows

Tears start to fall
As the memories resurface
Down my cheeks they crawl
As I remember your face

Loneliness takes over
As I imagine you're just here
Wishing I could hold you
Yet I find no one here

The feeling fails to cease
I still wish to hold you
Feeling alone without anyone
Desperately searching for you

Anyone, I don't care,
I can hold
Anyone, I'm desperate,
I need to embrace

I look around with closed eyes
And I see no one there
I listen for a sound
But there are no footsteps on the ground

I wish I could hold you
The cold freezes me slowly
The pain of losing you
Is the same of dying slowly

Warmth covers my body
As the sun rises
My eyes slowly open
As the light brightens my face

Still lonely, still alone
Still wishing I could hold you
Still embracing random people
Still desperately searching for you

Still looking for your angelic face
Still wanting your soft touch
Still missing your gentle crimson lips
For I'm still lost in my cold, dark loneliness