Kanzen (Japanese for "Perfection")
by battousai24

I can't be everything,
I can't be all you want me to be
I do want to make you proud
But still I need to be me

All the pain inside
Is greater than death itself
I try not to think of it
But it's like you wish to put me to death

You expect so much of me
Just because you're smart
I can't be perfect, I hope you know
I never wanted this fight to start

If perfection was only possible
I'd gladly do it for you
But even you can't be perfect
That goes for me too

If you think I didn't wish to be you
Let me tell you that it's true
I'm only working hard to stop you
I can't take it, get a clue

If you think I'm wasting my time
When I do what I want to do
Go ahead and kill me
That's the only thing left to do

After all, I'm so tired
I can't take this anymore
I'm not as good as you
But I'm not as stupid as before

Although dying will make me lose everything,
Everything I worked hard for
At least it'll end my sufferring
You can't expect anything anymore

And don't worry, I won't haunt you
After all, I asked for this
Don't worry or feel guilty
'Coz we made it come to this

I can't be perfect
I can only try
Don't try to make me perfect
'Coz then I would just die