Unreal Reality
by battousai24

The cold breeze blows gently
And the darkness falls
The curtains blow about wildly
As the sleep calls

Pitch black is what is seen
When the eyes are closed
Then imaginary figures appear
Figures such as a rose

The dream suddenly shifts
Into an unpleasant one
Horrifying creatures
Cower away from the sun

And again the dream changes
Into something more unreal
A dream of a prince and a princess
And a knight who served with zeal

All of this nonsense
Soon goes away
Imaginary scenes abruptly changes
Into real life that's more unreal

Awakening from a night's sleep
The dream disappears swiftly
Mindlessly opening the eyes
To the real world of fantasy

It is the morrow
The morrow of yesterday
Reality changes the fantasy
To the world of unreal reality