To the Person Behind Me

To the person behind me,
Yes, you right there,
The one looking over my shoulder
And reading what I write.
You know who you are.

I've known about you all along,
As you shiftily look around,
Making sure no one sees you.
But I see you,
Oh yes.

As I sit in the lounge,
Typing away on my laptop,
You'll creep up behind me
When I least expect it,
Peering over my shoulder
At all the things I'm writing.

You think I don't see you,
But I do.
Even though I don't turn
I know you're always there.
Just waiting for me to keep typing
So that you can see what I'm saying.

So, to the person behind me,
If you're reading this,
Which I'm sure you are,
Please stop reading what I write.
It's quite disturbing.