In the beginning, the world was made, but the Creator had been distracted, and had made an incomplete world. It was a world without death. Do not be fooled into thinking that this was a good thing to have been done, for there was still pain, and suffering, there were still battles and war, starvation and crowding. Creatures were eaten alive for they could not die, ancient warriors still ailed from the wounds of battle, as for the unfortunates of war, they were left to suffer on the field, unable to rest and find peace.

The nations and all people cried out for mercy, but to no avail. The Angels of Paradise could do nothing, and the Demons of the Pit were powerless. Food ran short and soon people began to prey upon the weak and helpless. The world that knew not of death was in utter chaos and the Creator had long since abandoned his project in favor of one that would surpass his failed planet.

One day, a demon from the Pit emerged upon the surface world, an angel in Paradise noticed his passing and went to investigate, "Who are you that would cause terror upon this realm?" She asked.

"I am Malaso, a Demon of pain, I was sent here to serve a punishment, though it is utterly pointless, there is no one in the Pit whom we Demons can torment and punish, so our Lord must punish us. Who are you, that you come from Paradise to question me?"

The Angel replied, "I am Mirca, an Angel of mercy."

And thus it was that the events that would bring death upon this world began, over the years, Mirca continued to meet with Malaso, they had grown fond of one another and eventually they expressed their love to one another. It was soon afterwards that Mirca became with child. The two did not know what their child would be like, having come from a demon and an angel.

It was during the childbirth that they found out the special purpose for their child. Mirca gave birth to the child, a son, and thus He came screaming into the world. Screaming for he did not wish to exist. Screaming because he knew he must. A strange thing happened as soon as the child was born, something nobody in the world without death could have predicted.

She died.

Malaso did not know what to make of it, he tried to revive her, but to no avail. Thus the first death had come to pass.

Malaso took the boy that was his son, and named him Ahk-Deymos-Malaso Coosahran-Ahnhelios-Mirco; Son of Pain Child of Mercy.

Everywhere that Ahk-Deymos-Malaso Coosahran-Ahnhelios-Mirco went people died, soon he was called a great savior, because he ended the suffering of the wounded, the tired, the sick, and the old. He traveled in peace and was praised for years. But as in all things, people began to fear this Bringer of the Unknown. People would send messages warning towns that the Death Child was coming. One day, as Ahk-Deymos-Malaso Coosahran-Ahnhelios-Mirco was passing through a town, the villagers decided that they would put an end to the Death Bringer. And so the townsfolk overwhelmed Ahk-Deymos- Malaso Coosahran-Ahnhelios-Mirco and killed him. The villagers thought they put an end to Death, but as they grew old they began to die. It was then that they realized that they could no longer escape Death, for by killing him they released him from his fleshly body and could now spread his influence all around the world.

That is the tale of Ahk-Deymos-Malaso Coosahran-Ahnhelios-Mirco, The Bringer of Death.

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