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Didn't Say You Were Sorry

     I still loved her. The hardest thing after the break up was seeing her. Every day, I would see her. She would walk right by me sometimes, like I never existed. It would hurt. Other times she would be with a bunch of her friends and she would be laughing. Then she would see me. Her smile faded and she would simply look at me with that dull ache visible in her eyes. She wouldn't say anything.

     I remember telling her it was over. It was on a Monday. She came to me through the crowded hallway to the spot where we always met before lunch. We had been arguing lately, but no matter how upset she was with me, she always came to me. She looked distracted, but as always, as soon as she saw me, she beamed happily. As she approached, my expression remained impassive and her smile fell.

     "Is something wrong?" she would ask. I could hear the apprehension in her voice.

     I replied that something was indeed wrong and told her to come with me for a walk. We walked through the corridor that led to the back of the building. It was windy outside and her hair whipped around her head. It looked like a halo of dark flames. We walked to the end of the field where there was a path that led through a small forest which surrounded a smaller creek.

     We would come here often to be alone when the weather was warmer. We would always stop at the small arched bridge that went over the creek. That day it was windy, cold and the dark, billowing clouds were ominous. They would open up and drench any poor soul that was caught outside.

     When we got to the bridge, she wrapped her arms around my waist. "What is it?" she asked, giving me her complete attention. I liked that about her. When I was talking to her, she wasn't thinking about anything else, but me. It was like no one else existed but me in her eyes. It made me feel on top of the world.

     "We fought on Friday," I simply said. It had been a horrible fight. There had been worse, but I wasn't going to let it go this time. Forgetting our problems didn't solve them. We hadn't talked all weekend, but she came to him like she always did.

     A slight frown marred her features. "We've been doing that a lot lately," she whispered.

     "You said some pretty horrible things."

     She took a small step back. "You made me angry. I think sometimes you purposely make me angry and try to provoke me into a fight."

     I shook my head at her. "I was angry, too. I didn't say those things." I stopped and waited.

     "Well, I lost my temper," she defended.

     I still waited, but what I wanted never came. It never did. I loved her. I never understood it. She didn't care that she hurt me. I always got excuses. She didn't love me. I turned around and started to walk away. She called out to me and I turned back.

     "Is this what you want to do?" she asked in a choked voice. She was never stupid. She knew exactly what was happening and didn't bother with pretenses.

     "It has to be done," I answered as I walked away. The image of her standing there, hair like a dark halo, tears welling up in her eyes and looking so forlorn as the rain began pouring down from the black sky would forever be burned into my memory. It took all my strength of will to walk away, but I had to.

     When I was out of her sight, I stopped. My heart was breaking. A sappy thing for a guy to say, I know, but it was true nonetheless. It felt like my heart would never mend, even now. Why couldn't she just say it? Why couldn't she ever say those three little words? We could have worked things out if she had just said it. All she had to do was apologize, but she didn't. She didn't say she was sorry.

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