Confusion can bring solace in a world where truth hurts moreā€¦

I remember you at times when I need you most, and those dark moments when I hate you with all my power.

You are a bright star is a dark sky, but you are not alone. There have been others and there will be others in that infinite heavenly landscape. Even my denying heart knows the truth of this.

Your love is irreplaceable and is a scar forever marked on my breast, a symbol of my fortune and my folly. For though you are dear in ways that no one else could ever be, you are also loathed as no other I have known.

These bittersweet memories have reigned on my mind, allowing me neither the pleasure of total love nor of unbridled hatred.

So here I lie, torn, tracing my hand along the faint bruises of my heart, noticing the scars on my ego and the newly opened wounds of my mind, wondering if time spent was time wasted.