Many of you would ask if I'm trying to be serious or humorous and the answer is……both. I wanted to write a story that make you laugh and cry. These characters are based on the personalities of some of my closest friends…..who are over-the-top when it comes to humor. And yes I've read lots of sci-fi and adventure books as well as, lots of movies based on the two genres in an attempt to create the best story possible.  I understand that the transition between the prologue and the actual beginning of the story are two different opposite ends of the spectrum but I did so as to relieve any tension and solemn feelings that may have been stirred in the prologue.

Special Agent Ren Cooper led a life on the wild side with no cares and no worries. This soon changed the day he fell in love with his partner Justine Heartly--who soon bought out the best within him. As the story progresses, Ren's character evolves from a heartless prick to a man we all would like to be. At the peak of their relationship, Justine is kidnapped by a legion of heartless soldiers from race of humanoids called the Syllians. In his quest to find her, REN meets up with Sergei Eridani--a mystical knight from a warrior race known as the Acadians--who explains that he is a reincarnation of a mystical warrior who was destined to protect and serve the Galactic Empire of Epsilon and its inhabitants. After realizing that he had nothing else to look forward to, Ren joins Sergei and five other young warriors like him on a quest to rid the galaxy of the Syllain race. The path they all face is froth with hardships and adversary, however, with their pure hearts and honest ambition; shall they prevail and thus.........the saga begins.

Main Characters:

Renaldo Cooper/Agent Link/Orion

A 21 year old secret agent for the International Security Agency. Disinherited by his family for means unknown, this young man is still on a soul search......for answers to questions he's always asked. He is highly cocky and insubordinate but inside he is every woman's dream man come true. After falling in love with his partner (Justine Heartly), his inner being slowly emerges and sheds new light on his character. After Justine is kidnapped, his entire life changes forever as he learns he's actually the reincarnation of a mystical warrior known in past times as Orion. To understand the main character—Ren Cooper—picture a combination of Bad Boys star Will Smith, and Rush Hour's Chris Tucker and Angel, all combined into package.

Justine Heartly/Agent Fox

 21 year old ISA agent and Ren's partner. Justine is attractive, witty and seductive in the way she handles business. In the first couple of scenes, she is in a dilemma where she is in a relationship that she gets nothing out of and emerging feelings of love for Ren. Once she and Ren hook up, we see the better side of her emerge as Ren strips the pain, from her broken heart. She gets kidnapped by the Syllain general Eucerin to married off to the Syllain War-Lord Antares.

Sergei Eridani

 The last living member of the Jade Legion Elder Council of Knights. Sergei....survived the destruction of his planet by the Syllain emperor--Cepheus Austrinus--by fleeing with the mystical seals of Exodia that contained the powers of the ancients. He arrives on Earth to reawaken the souls of the mystical Warriors of the Exodia and establish a new Jade Legion Order. He becomes a father figure to Ren/Orion and is one of the driving forces behind his power.

Cheree Lynette

One of the mystical sisters of the Aura--a group of mystical women with the power to heal and inspire--Her duty is to watch over and guide Ren on his quest to find out who he truly is. In the begining we find her highly mysterious but learn much more about her as time progresses. Although Cheree's nature is to be gentle, she trains with knights and develops a warrior spirit that is quite exotic to the Aura nature. This makes Cheree a must have force on any side in conflict because with a will to fight and the power to heal, she is an essential element to the Jade Legion Order.