CUT TO INT. JADE TEMPLE OF LIGHT -- TRAINING CENTER -- LATER (CHEREE, EVERTON, JANICE, REN, SERGEI, SHARKY, TIONNE, TAEVA, WAYNE) REN stands in the center of the singularity and a simulation loads around him. Rocky formations slowly ascend into the simulated sky, while clouds from a simulated thunderstorm. Trees and plants spring from the ground while animals and birds materialize on the spot. The simulated heavens open up and rain pours from the sky. Lightening streaks across the sky and thunder echoes it's presence. REN looks upward and around him, then focuses his attention a towering formation some 100 feet in the air. Suddenly, the section of land he's standing on, jolts and rises up into the air--he clings on for dear life. As he slowly picks himself up, he feels a sharp jolt in his back and he sails forward; landing on his abdomen. REN looks up to find a warrior standing over him. EVERTON calls him over the loud speaker. EVERTON How do you like the upgraded sparing partner I bought? REN looks up at the observation box where everyone is watching. REN (Sarcastically to himself) Oh I love it! REN kneels down then sweeps the training drone off its feet. He gets up slowly then waits for his opponent to get to it's feet before holding his arm outward to beckon to it. It lunges at him and tries desperately to hit him with a series of kicks and punches but REN evades and parries all of them. The duration of this exchange continues for a about a minute until REN decides to counter attack with a surging blow to the drone's abdomen--fluid spews out of its mouth. REN then delivers a hammer blow to its back knocking it off it's feet. He then launches it into the air and looks upward at it before disappearing from view. We see him reappear seconds later as he connects with a downward elbow to the abdomen of the drone. We follow it's quick descent downward then the camera shoots out horizontal as it crashes to the floor and smashes to pieces. EVERTON looks on in shock and disappointment. EVERTON How the hell he do that? JANICE And I tell you my boy run tings'! EVERTON But he's only a could he beat a level 5 training drone so easily? CHEREE He's not your average warrior, simple. We switch back to REN as he continues to fight more training drones. The advantage in numbers begins to tip the outcome of the fight in the direction of the drones. Soon REN begins taking blows to his body and face as he desperately tries to evade and parry. REN (Grunts) Dese niggaz ain't messin around! REN takes a surging blow to his face that sends him hurtling downward towards the ground. He smashes through a rock formation before smashing into the ground and bouncing a few yards until he comes to rest in a dead heap. --Switch To CHEREE and JANICE CHEREE & JANICE Oh God! WAYNE Don't worry, he'll be fine. TAEVA Yeah but he get da shit knock outta him! TIONNE He's pathetic. --Switch to REN. REN spits blood out of his mouth and slowly gets to his feet. He clinches his fists and closes his eyes in concentration. Sparks begin to trickle across his body, dust begins to rise from the ground and swirl around him. He opens his eyes and a luminescent bluish white glow erupts from within them followed by the ignition of his aura. Larger stones on the ground now begin to rise as he begins to power up. The rock formation he is standing on begins to crack and soon disintegrates--forcing him to hover on the spot where it once stood. Huge bolts of lighting strike a sphere of pure energy that has formed around him. Fed by the power erupting from within REN, the sphere glows even more brightly and swirls much faster. The drones stare on in confusion not knowing what to do next. REN soon brakes out and launches a devastating series of attacks on the drones. We see his attacks at quick flashes as he is moving far to fast for eyes to track his every movement. First we see him streak into view as he delivers a roundhouse kick to one of the drones--he then streaks out of view again. He reappears again as he delivers a surging uppercut to the chin of anther drone. As he disappears out of view, the body of the drone sails upward from the momentum of the punch. REN appears yet again delivering a surging hook punch the cheeks of another drone while at the same time handing over an elbow to the abdomen of another directly behind him. Again he streaks out of view and reappears sailing through the air and connecting with a high flipping drop kick to the backs of two more drones. We then the bodies of the drones that were launched into the air from REN'S attacks crash to the ground. He stands over the carnage and looks around him for more drones to wipe out--he finds none. --Switch to SERGEI SERGEI And that my friend is checkmate. I think our young hero is finally ready for one more task at hand. EVERTON What's that? SHARKY He must seek out his jewel that contains the essence of his armor. EVERTON And where is he gonna find that? SHARKY Just like they did with us, one of the sisters will have to help him. EVERTON Oh. CHEREE Don't worry, I'll help him with it. CUT TO EXT. ANDROSIA -- ROLLING'S ESTATE -- DAY Six black hummer H2's pull up to Camesha's house. ISA agents emerge from the vehicles and swarm the estate. Two black hawk helicopters hover about 60 feet above the property while agents drop from them on drop lines. They give their various signals and slip up into different teams. One team covers the front door while another scales the front wall of house to the roof. Another team scurries around the back of the property to enter from the house's pool entrance. INT. ROLLING'S ESTATE -- MOMENTS LATER (CAMESHA, ZHIVARGO) The first team burst through the main entrance and storm the house. The second team follows suit and burst through the pool entrance and storm the kitchen. We follow team one as they head up the stairs to master suite where they find CAMESHA and ZHIVARGO in bed. The two are immediately snatched from the beds and dragged downstairs while their servants and maids are detained. CAMESHA and ZHIVARGO are thrown into the Hummers and led away. INT. I.S.A. COMPOUND -- INTERROGATION ROOM -- LATER (CAMESHA, DANAE, MRS. EDWARDS, RACHAEL, RYAN, RYAN, ZHIVARGO, ZHIVARGO) CAMESHA and ZHIVARGO are tied back-to-back in hard wooden chairs with their heads covered with black nylon bags. A small bright beam light shines down on them in the dark room. MRS. EDWARDS, Rachael, and DANAE all stand in the darkness and begin their interrogation. DANAE Camesha Rollings? CAMESHA Yes...who want's to know? RACHAEL Let's make on thing perfectly clear girl...we ask the question you answer them. You are in no position to ask any questions! ZHIVARGO Ya'll mussie ain't know who ya'll messing wit aye? MRS. EDWARDS signals to RYAN who moves in to stun ZHIVARGO with a taser. MRS. EDWARDS Speak when you're not spoken to again, and you'll get more; do you understand me? ZHIVARGO (Grunts) Yeah! MRS. EDWARDS Good! turns out you've got something we want. We have gathered great intel on bio/hazard project but, we don't know the full extent of it. DANAE We know your project consists of a new hybrid device of mass destruction encompassing a thermonuclear warhead and biological agent capsule. We've also found out that the weapons is encased within a stealth cruise missile and is set to be launched from an oil tanker you've fitted for as the launch platform. RACHAEL Now...we need to know where that ship is and you're here to tell us exactly that. CAMESHA I don't have to tell you shit! You wanna talk, talk to my lawyers! MRS. EDWARDS, DANAE, Rachael and RYAN all erupt in laughter. RYAN The I.S.A. doesn't negotiate with lawyers of terrorist. ZHIVARGO Who you calling a terrorist? RYAN stuns him again. RYAN Do you have permission to speak! ZHIVARGO grunts and groans in pain. MRS. EDWARDS Now young man, tell me about the oil tanker; where is it? ZHIVARGO I don't know! MRS. EDWARDS signals to RYAN again. ZHIVARGO shivers in pain as RYAN stuns him again. ZHIVARGO I said I don't know okay! Rachael signals to RYAN to go after CAMESHA. A loud piercing scream lunges out of her as she is stunned. CAMESHA I'll rot in hell before I tell you anything! DANAE walks up to CAMESHA and gives her a shot of neuro-intoxicating agents to maker her more seceptible to their questioning. RYAN follows DANAE'S lead and injects the liquid into ZHIVARGO as well. MRS. EDWARDS gives looks at her watch for tens seconds then nods at DANAE. DANAE Now...let's try again...What is project biohazard? CAMESHA (Groans) I don't know. DANAE What is your name? CAMESHA Ca...Camesha Rollings. DANAE What Is your occupation. CAMESHA (Groggy) Inves...Investment Banker. MRS. EDWARDS Really? Investment Banker; how about your real occupation...say arms dealer? CAMESHA I don't...Do investment banking, I'm an arms dealer. MRS. EDWARDS Bullshit! CAMESHA ...Arms dealer. MRS. EDWARDS Looks like the neural agents are kicking in. DANAE interjects. DANAE Now tell me, what is project biohazard? CAMESHA It is a series of attacks on various cities in the Atlantic hemisphere that will be carried out using thermonuclear bio weapons. DANAE How did you get your hands on such technology? CAMESHA I'm in charge of weapons development at Glytech Industries, and I was given a grant to develop a new thermonuclear and biological weapon hybrid. Our initial tests were failures but our latest ones have been successful. Well in simulation that is. DANAE What cities are you planing on targeting? ZHIVARGO Androsia, Miami, Nassau, Freeport, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Raleigh, New York, Baltimore, D.C., and Boston. DANAE In what order will these strikes be carried out? ZHIVARGO Miami will be first city to be attack, followed by Nassau, Freeport, Androsia, and then the others will go in according to their distance upstate. DANAE looks at Rachael and MRS. EDWARDS. DANAE Where will the weapons be launched? ZHIVARGO From an oil tanker we've modified to carry them. MRS. EDWARDS Where is it? ZHIVARGO It should be located not to far from Trinidad at this moment. MRS. EDWARDS And how soon until it is in striking distance of our cities? ZHIVARGO Another day or so. CAMESHA It will be launched from within the harbor of Havana Cuba. That way it would look as though the Cubans had declared war on U.S. and the Bahamas prompting the two respective countries to retaliate on Cuba. DANAE Do you know the exact coordinates of your ship? CAMESHA No we don't. DANAE What is the name of the ship? CAMESHA The Chimera. DANAE Thank you for your help. We focus on the light shining into the room and the scene fades to black as DANAE and the others leave the room. CUT TO