And what's the difference
between Heaven and Hell?
Very little, if you ask one
who's been to both
Because we're all drowning
in Denial. Denial. We're drowning
In denial. the Nile. We're all drowning
in the Nile.
And who can tell the difference
when two lines are crossed
And the rest is grafitied in?
not you.
Because we're all horrible people
denying that we're drowning.
That's not your blood
you're swimming in.
And where will you go
when you lose control?
Don't pretend that you
are an innocent angel.
Because we're all horrible people
trying to cross the Red Sea.
You're not the chosen people,
you can't begin to see.
And when will you realize
what you really are
This is Hell, open your eyes;
this is Hell, open your damn eyes.
Because we're all suffereing
but not in the same way
We're hiding in the
Plague of darkness
And why don't you understand
what's here? Stop denying.
There was never a heaven
to begin with.