Destiny Bond

Chapter 1


Echo lightly taps his fingers on his desk. Paying attention to the lesson in class was harder than he thought. It wasn't a boring lesson it's just that he knew how to wield a sword. Being raised on Mars he knew most of the tactics that they had to learn to become apart of the Echelon. His hair (Dante's from Devil May Cry but red.) is eyes black but like all of the other people on Mars the have a light crimson tint. 17 yrs old average build.

"Mr. Echo am I boring you?"

"No, sir it's just."

"Just nothing class is almost over." The teacher snaps back.


Echo lays his head down on his desk and soon drifts off to sleep.

-Ten minutes later

The class lets out. Someone is lightly shaking Echo.

"Echo, Echo. Wake up!"

Echo rises up.

"Oh, what's up Ren?"

" The usual; hurry were going to be late Gun oops."

Echo and Ren hurry out of the room; and run down the hall headed for the gun opps room. Once in the room there are a few people suited up in armor. Echo and Ren disappear into the locker room. Once they emerge they now have on armor. Echo sees a girl having trouble putting her vest on.

Echo nudges Ren. "Who's that?"

"That's Kiri."

" She's not from here is she? Cause if she was I would have seen her here before."

"She's from a colony on Neptune. Rumor has it that her parents recommended that she come here cause she has a crimson tint in her eyes."

"You got my back out there don't you?" Ren asks.

"Course you're my best friend." Echo answers

Echo approaches the girl.

"So you need help?"

The girl looks at Echo and smiles.

" No. I'm doing just fine."

"Okay it looks like your having trouble."

"I said I'm fine."

Echo begins to walk back toward Ren. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Kiri tuck a gun into her vest. Ren walks up to Echo.

" Lemme guess you asked her out didn't you?"

"No, but watch out she's got a gun in her vest."

A man walks into the room; by the looks of it he's a captain. He is fully armored and is holding a high-tech rifle.

"Helmets on! Meet in the hanger!"

Everyone puts their helmets on and follows the captain. There are about thirty people in gun opps. Once inside the hanger the students are given guns like the captains.