Chapter 26
Snake Bite

"I'm telling you it was an accident."

"I will destroy you!"

They giant wolf let's out a cry then falls over dead

"What the hell?" Echo says.

Echo sees a silver arrow sticking out of the wolf's back.

"Now it's your turn." Snake says hiding in the shadows of the trees to the left of Echo.

"Yesss, it would be a nice prize for the master." Snake hisses from the shadows to the right of Echo.

"You can try." Echo says.

"Well, dodge this!"

Skull shoots an arrow at Echo.

"Boring." Echo says with a smirk.

Echo puts his hand out and the arrow stops in mid-air; and falls to the ground.

"Your more powerful than I anticipated." Skull says coming out of the shadows.

"Yes, you also surprised me." Snake says coming out of the shadows.

"Well looks like the bitches decided to show their faces."

Skull and Snake begin to circle Echo.

"I can feel your dark energy. It's the same as Zenkaruto's but you two are much weaker." Echo says crossing his arms.

"That's because we are seeds of Zenkaruto." Snake says. " Made from his essence." "Just enough reason for me to kill you two."

"Well if you want a fight we would need more room." Skull says. "There's a clearing about a half mile ahead."

"Good hope to see ya there." Echo says walking off into the darkness of the forest.

"Hmph, he's more stubborn than I expected." Snake says.

"Yes I know what you mean. He wasn't even didturbed by are presense." Snake says.

"That makes the better fight." Skull says with an evil smirk.

The clearing is only the size of an basketball court. Echo is sitting on a tree stump with his are crossed.

"You should come out already I know you're here!" Echo yells.

Snake appears about fifteen feet in front of Echo

"Are you prepared to die?" snake says.

"Are you?" Echo replies.

Snake charges at Echo. Echo just sidesteps the attack and Snake trips over the tree stump. Snake tries to leg but sweep Echo jumps up onto the tree stump and kicks Snake in the face sending him flying back a few feet. Skull appears behind Snake.

"Do you need some help, Snake?"

"No! Stay out of this!"

Snake grabs Echo by the ankles and slam him into the ground. Snake gets ready to stomp Echo. But stops when Echo isn't there.

Echo is standing ten feet away from Snake. "You can't be made from the Zenkaruto that I'm thinking of. Cause you can't even see me when I move."

"I'll show you!"

Snake's hands turn snake heads with fangs and all. Everything on his body his turns scaly and green; he also grows a tale that is six feet long, his head also turns just likie the one of a snake.

"Okay, that was unexspected." Echo says.

Snake hisses at Echo then dives underground. Echo looks around then feels the ground under his feet begins to shake. Echo jumps into the air; and Snake pops out of the ground and wraps his arm around Echo neck and slams him into the ground. Then bites Echo with his other hand. Echo tries to break Snake's grip but soon feels hisself becoming weak.

"What the hell is happening?"

Snake starts to laugh. "I've injected you with a venom you will soon become paralyzed. And I will kill you."