"The Big Apple Is Now A Big Orange"
Oh, oh, oh,
You're loving,
Pretty lady,
Gives me power,
Pretty lady,
Like a full grown flower,
That has just shot out,
Of the ground,
And all you can do is look around,
And stand in amazement.

Pretty lady,
Fucking amazement,
Pretty lady,
I'm in an awe struck shower,
Being drenched in a power,
From the Twin Towers,
Pretty lady.

The Twin Towers,
Pretty lady,
Oh, they fell down to the ground,
One, Two,
And all we could do was look around,
Bang, Boom,
And look for some supplies,
Because everything consisted of lies,
As we compensate for our shortage,
Seems the big apple is now a big orange,
And now terrorism ain't boring.

And all we could do was look around,
As those fucking Twin Towers smashed into the ground,
And say to our selves,
What a wonderful world.

And I think to myself,
What a wonderful...